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Beginning December 3: The Gealey Family Group Art Show!


December, 2018

The Gealey Family Art Show!
Cartoon Art, Photography, Drawings, Quilting

Artists' comments: Seeing as we Gealeys opened up the
Headlands Coffeehouse way back in 1995 and talked about doing
a family show then, it's high time we finally got around to it now.

It's true that a couple of us didn't exist back in 1995. so it's a good
thing we waited this long...right, Heather & Aiying?

The Dave Gealey Family panel features one drawing by Dave, one
by Aiying, two works by Heather, and a fabric piece by Maureen.

The origami crane mobile in the window is also by Aiying.

The middle panel features five pastry characters
(and acquaintances) drawn by Pete.

The panel on the right features six photographs by Mary
on either side of one by Felicia of an artwrok she created
and photographed at Glass Beach.

We hope you enjoy the show.

The Gealey Family Art Show will be on display
through the entire month of December.
Prints of the drawings & photographs may be ordered,
but will take approximately two weeks.
(so... hurry if you're thinking of Christmas gifts!)

If you didn't make it to First Friday, you can
still order Pete's towels, prints, magnets, and
pins from previous years' shows
on his Gealey Graphics web page.



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